What's a game jam?

It’s a PARTY

Ok, technically it’s a competition with prizes. It’s not a workshop or a class about making games. But if you want to spend a weekend learning game development and getting fed, you’ll be in good company.

Do I need to have made a game before?

Plenty of previous participants had little or no game development experience, but they had a blast. We’ll have lots of people willing to answer questions and help you learn at your own pace!

Do I need to be a programmer?

No! Games also need artists, writers, and designers. There is no rule for whether your game must be 2D, 3D, complex, or even have graphics. Make a board or card game if you like!

Do I need a computer?

Yes! You need to bring your own computer capable of connecting to Wi-Fi.

I love it! I must know more!

If you insist! Participating gets you snacks and drinks, all while hanging out with local game developers! Meals are provided throughout the weekend. Follow @ICTGameJam, and join us in Slack to get involved with local game devs and upcoming events!


Butler Community College Andover Campus
715 East 13th Street, Andover, KS 67002


Great! Now that you're going to the game jam, here's how the weekend will go...

  • Friday


    Doors open at 6pm, kickoff slides and intro start at 7pm. Participants will receive an email to vote on the game jam’s theme. Those needing teams will have an opportunity to pitch ideas and form or join teams as necessary. You can even work solo if you want. 3 people is ideal, and we prefer teams stay below 5. Then it’s time to start making games! Work as long as you can, while staying healthy and safe! Overnight work is permitted, but we send people home around midnight.

  • Saturday

    Build Day!

    Show up in the morning. Enjoy refreshments, meals and … oh yeah… build a game! Hit a wall? Ask for help! Lean on the volunteers and fellow game devs for feedback and encouragement! Same closing rules as Friday!

  • Sunday

    Polish, SHIP IT!! Winners announced!

    Arrive in the morning to put the finishing touches on your game. Work stops, lunch begins at 12pm. Developers will vote during/after lunch. Winners announced once all of the vots are in and tallied.

    Community Play

    At 2pm have Friends and Family come play your games!

  • Keep


Check out the games from previous events on our Itch.io page!

The best way to help is to participate! Otherwise we welcome volunteered time or talent in any amount before, during or after the event.

Finally, if you absolutely insist, here are some sponsorship packages to consider! For all these, please contact ictgamejam@devict.org.

This and other Wichita game development events are operated under devICT, a 501c3 organization. All donations are used to run this and future game development events.